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It is by the grace of God and my wonderful gynecological oncologist, Dr. Benedict Benigno, that I am a four-year ovarian cancer survivor. My journey started in October 2008. Earlier that year, in June, I had my routine exam by my gynecologist...Read More


Raising awareness for ovarian cancer became a passion for me when my best friend Licia Chaney's daughter, Brandi, was diganosed. I never knew a lot about ovarian cancer until I rode the rollercoaster that is cancer along with Licia. As a 44-year-old...Read More


In December of 2010, I began a journey with my best friend, Licia Chaney, and her family. Their daughter and sister, Brandi, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The day that I received that news, I had an appointment with my...Read More


​My friend, Licia Chaney, lost her daughter to ovarian cancer. Our group of awesome friends, along with our new friends, are now fighting to increase awareness of this disease. Geaux Teal!


Support groups became very important to me during my treatment for breast cancer. I found a whole new family, and it broadened my knowledge when meeting people who had a different cancer from my own. The ovarian/GYN...Read More


When my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November of 2010, I simply remember being shocked. I could not understand how my Mom, who seemed to be the picture of health, could have cancer...Read More


Welcome to Geaux Teal! My name is Licia Chaney. My husband, David, and I are proud parents of 4 daughters, Brandi, Nikki, Jami and Ashli. On December 21st, 2010, our lives changed forever. Brandi was diagnosed with...Read More

In Loving Memory of
Kelsey White

When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March of 2012 at the age of 24, I had no idea what it was (even though my aunt also happened to be a survivor). I went searching for other young women like me and organizations...Read More


In 1999, after experiencing unusual bleeding and pelvic pain, I was diagnosed with a gynecological (GYN) cancer called endometrial carcinoma.  One month after my surgery...Read More

Wendy Bates

My Mom’s first sign was bloating in her stomach.  The seriousness of it was realized when we were on a family beach vacation and my sister-in-law noticed...Read More

Robin M.

I have been an Oncology Social Worker at Woman’s Hospital for over 25 years. During that time I have worked with and supported many women when they get a late stage diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer.. Read More

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