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Wendy's Story

Raising awareness for ovarian cancer became a passion for me when my best friend Licia Chaney's daughter, Brandi, was diagnosed. To be honest, I never knew a lot about ovarian cancer until I rode the rollercoaster ride that is cancer along with Licia. As a 44-year-old female, I should have been more informed about the diseases that can affect women, but I wasn't and I have learned that I am not the only one. 


Brandi was a young lady, not even 30 years old, when she was first diagnosed. She was a fighter and gave everything she had to beat this terrible disease. Cancer won the battle, but not the war. I, along with some very good friends, continue to fight the war against this terrible disease in Brandi Chaney's honor. My wish is to raise awareness so that other mothers will not have to watch their daughters struggle with such pain. Through the GeauxTeal organization, I hope to teach ladies to know their bodies and be aware of what is going on inside of them so that this "silent killer" will be silent no more. 

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