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Former LSU Softball player Sahvanna Jaquish has chosen Geaux Teal as her 'Athlete Cause' for the 2021 summer Athletes Unlimited season.

Athletes Unlimited is a professional softball league that maximizes fan excitement and fan engagement with an innovative version of the game they all love - softball! The games are faster, and individual players score points to move up and down our leaderboard.

In support of its mission to develop athletes as civic leaders, Athletes Unlimited is excited to provide a platform for their athletes to easily partner with a non-profit organization of their choice and play the season in part for their benefit.


"During her time with LSU,  Sahvanna

met so many women and their

families who were touched by ovarian

cancer," said LSU softball head coach

Beth Torina.  "By supporting them

and spreading awareness we can

help support their fight and protect

women from this disease.  It is

incredible that Sahvanna has chosen to

represent Geaux Teal though Athletes

Unlimited.  These women truly left their mark

on Sahvanna, and it is so amazing to see her

continuing to lift them up anyway she can!"

Athletes Unlimited has created a new model

of professional sports, where the athletes

are owners, individual players are champions

of team sports, and fans are engaged like

never before. It's a new type of competition

- where games are fast, exciting and designed

so that every moment counts.

To read more about Athletes Unlimited: click here.