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With 941 participants, the 2024 Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk reaffirmed its status as a beacon of support and awareness in the community of those affected by ovarian cancer. This year's event brought together individuals and families affected by ovarian cancer for a day of solidarity, empowerment, and education.

The Geaux Teal Walk displayed a steadfast commitment to uplifting those impacted by ovarian cancer. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with survivors and caregivers and enjoy a sense of community and solidarity. Additionally, the walk prioritized education about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, empowering attendees to recognize and respond to early warning signs.

One of the highlights of the event was hearing from Kelly Stone, a 19-year ovarian cancer survivor, who shared her inspiring journey from diagnosis to treatment. Stone emphasized the importance of listening to one's body and being proactive advocates for their health.

Nancy Gosserand, Director of Cancer Services, reflected on the significant impact of Geaux Teal on their organization, highlighting the grants provided to members of the Baton Rouge community affected by ovarian cancer. These grants play a crucial role in supporting individuals and families facing the financial burdens associated with cancer treatment.

In addition to the walk, attendees enjoyed a range of community-building activities, including face painting, vendor interactions, and a post-walk party.

The success of the 2024 Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk underscores the ongoing dedication of the community to raise awareness and support those affected by ovarian cancer. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees who joined the walk to support their loved ones, many of whom wore custom shirts and carried signs, contributing to the atmosphere of solidarity. The unwavering support of attendees has transformed the event into an extraordinary gathering, reflecting the spirit of unity that defines the Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Walk, both in 2024 and every year throughout our 11-year history.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

April 13, 2024

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